Mango Strawberry Icecream

This has got to be the easiest thing to do and your kids will love them. They are naturally sweet with no added sugar. You can change it up, use different fruit and make it fun, even include them in making them.

_DSC0617For this particular recipe I used Mangos & Strawberries. Take 3 ripe mangos and puree them in a strong blender. Pour it into ice-cream molds. Then cut up some strawberries and add them in.

If you dont have ice-cream molds and want to buy them, you can pretty much find them at most big box stores like walmart, target etc. I found these at Home Sense, and they are BPA free too!

When they are ready to eat, just run them under hot water for a minute or so and voila, healthy ice-cream!

I also made chocolate ones with my avocado pudding recipe, click here for that recipe

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