Infrared Gemstone Mat Therapy

A therapy of light, heat & crystals.

Harness the key therapies of this mat including far-infrared heat, pulsed electromagnetic field therapy (PEMF), photon light rejuvenation, negative ions and natural crystals. These therapies work synergistically together to provide a relaxing and therapeutic experience.

This mat is made mostly of Amethyst Crystals. When this wonderful & powerful crystal gets heated up it emits negative ions. On the daily, we are all constantly bombarded with positive ions through our cell phones, wifi, tv and more therefore it is important to balance our bodies with negative ions. Although you can find negative ions in the forest, mountains & the beach. Most of us live in cities and don’t get the chance to get out to those places enough.

In a non-invasive way, the infrared heat elevates your body’s temperature, which positively activates your body’s systems & functions. The energy waves can penetrate 6-8 inches, reaching into the inner-most areas of your tissues, bones & muscles which triggers the body’s self-healing process. Experience the profound benefits assisting the body in detoxification, alleviating pain, reduce inflammation, increase tissue oxygen, alkaline & purify the blood, enhance cardiovascular function & your immune system, improve your skin by detoxifying impurities as well as the lymph & promote relaxation. Integrating this mat in conjunction with Reiki/Energy Healing can intensify the benefits for a true mind, body & spiritual healing experience.


Reiki/Energy Healing W/Infrared Gemstone Mat 30 minutes – $55
Reiki/Energy Healing W/Infrared Gemstone Mat 60 minutes – $90