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Life has definitely opened it’s cards one by one. My personal life experiences have been interwoven with a constant flux of good and bad. As a kid I wondered what the purpose of life was. I felt detached, misunderstood… like I didn’t fit in.

At a young age, I discovered my connection with the Spirit & Energetic World. Not fully understanding this connection led to mental health issues. In my early twenties, I suffered with severe anxiety and panic attacks. They were so bad that I didn’t leave my house for a year and wound up in and out of the hospital, even attempted suicide. I went on a mission to heal myself and take control of my life. I changed on a deep level and embarked on a spiritual path to becoming whole again. It took all my strength to sail through the roughest of the tides but I made it. I became present, connected & living a more conscious aware life free of anxiety. Yoga and meditation were the main contributors throughout my healing.

Later in life, I experienced infertility issues, a couple of miscarriages & an abusive failed marriage. In June 2015, I was given the diagnosis of Stage 3 Colon Cancer. I had surgery to remove a large tumor and then was told I needed to do chemotherapy as it had gone into my lymph nodes. I made the decision to decline chemo and went the route of integrative medicine. Living Holistically for many years, I never even took a Tylenol. Intuitively, it didn’t feel right for me and my body to undergo chemo. Today I stand strong and in remission.

I am not sharing this with you for sympathy but only to inspire you to see that we have the power to heal ourselves. Reflecting back, I find the turbulence I experienced revealed this power. We have the control to change how we perceive what we went through and convert it into something we learn from and utilize it to move forward powerfully. Cancer specifically changed me in ways I could never imagine. This event has led me to a deeper understanding of what it is to stand in the face of fear & uncertainty while moving towards hope & strength. I turned my trauma into purpose and feel abundantly grateful for being alive & healthy to be able to guide & support others who are going through their own traumas. I have always had a strong desire to serve humanity in some way with my work and through my own journey, I discovered my purpose is to live the path of devotion and be in service to the Divine by being of service to Humanity.

You are beautifully amazing just the way you are however there is always room to grow. Whether you want to lose weight, looking for guidance while battling a disease, yearning to expand spiritually or just want to take your life to the next level, I would be honored to stand next to you. I definitely do not know it all nor am I saying that my way is the only way as I too am constantly learning and growing however through my own journey & life experiences, I hope to inspire, guide & empower you to optimal health in all facets of your life. We are in this together.
With Love & Gratitude … Annamaria  heart-clipart-black-and-white-9598showing AHO!

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  • Barbara Jane Foley
    Barbara Jane Foley
    17:36 09 Jan 19
    I had the most wonderful experience with her. She is such a beautiful soul with amazing energy and she is very intuitive. I initially went to see her for nutritional guidance then I booked a reiki session and i absolutely loved it. I left feeling calm and lighter. Thanks annamariaread more
    Ryan Kalmey
    Ryan Kalmey
    12:14 01 Nov 18
    I have seen Annamaria for several sessions for nutritional and life coaching. She has a tremendous amount of knowledge and the way she shares the info is with clear and detailed expression and no ego which is refreshing. I felt very comfortable working with her. I am definitely in a better place after my sessions with her. Thanks Annamaria you absolutely have my endorsement.read more
    Lisa Jaskolka
    Lisa Jaskolka
    12:13 24 Oct 18
    I have worked with Annamaria for the last few months after following her and her journey on Facebook. I finally made the decision to see her. Annamaria is beyond her knowledge of nutrition. Her knowledge runs deeper than your typical nutritionist. Her ability to connect with her clients is truly a gift. She is so kind, passionate about her work, very intuitive and a great guide. I had so many issues and together we tackled them one by one. I felt lost with no answers before I went to see her and now I have so much clarity and feel at ease. Grateful for this experience! Thank you so much Annamaria!read more
    Gerold Larsen
    Gerold Larsen
    11:39 24 Oct 18
    I was referred to Annamaria by a friend and I have seen her several times for a number of things. She is very knowledgeable and got to the root of the problem. She genuinely cares and keeps it real. Annamaria truly changed my life. I will gladly refer Annamaria to anyone!read more
    Lenny Fonterack
    Lenny Fonterack
    13:35 18 Oct 18
    I went to see Annamaria to seek Holistic Cancer support. I was blown away by her knowledge and strength on the subject. She helped me change my diet, mindset and overall lifestyle. Thank you so much Annamaria. You have contributed to a major shift in my life.read more
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