Yoga is the union of mind, body & spirit.

Yoga is a profound science that unlocks the healing powers of your higher center of consciousness. It encourages you to relax, slow your breath, focus on the present and get into your body.

YOGA is for EVERYONE, not only the flexible people!

Yoga literally gave me my life back. My mat became my safe place. A place where I could breathe again. I view Yoga as a way of life. I believe whole-heartedly that the beauty of yoga lies in its adaptability; it can truly be whatever you need it to be. It can be a safe space for deep introspection, a chance to explore the depths of yourself and uncover your authentic essence from underneath protective layers. It can be an inner sanctuary, a soothing place of silence to escape from the noise of the world rushing by. It can be a supportive community of friends all travelling a similar path. It can simply be a place for physical healing and strengthening. My passion is continually ignited by the stories of how each individual has found meaning in the practice, of the breakdowns and the breakthroughs, of how the teachings have permeated the walls of the yoga studio and become relevant in every facet of life. Each time I teach, I am overwhelmed & humbled with gratitude for the opportunity to create an environment for this magic to happen. My own journey with yoga has helped me heal, bring peace and clarity to my thoughts, and open my heart wide.


“Practice and all is coming” ~ Pattabhi Jois