Thank you for taking the time to read a little more about my story. People often ask me how and what brought me into this lifestyle & work so here is a little summary of my personal healing & experience.

Life has definitely opened its cards one by one. My personal life experiences have been interwoven with a constant flux of good and bad. As a kid I wondered what the purpose of life was. I felt detached, misunderstood… like I didn’t fit in. At a young age, I discovered my connection with the Spirit & Energetic World. Not fully understanding this connection led to mental health issues. In my early twenties, (mid 90’s) I suffered with depression and severe anxiety and panic attacks. They were so bad, I didn’t leave my house for a year and wound up in and out of the hospital, even attempted suicide. I went on a mission to heal myself and take control of my life. I changed on a deep level and embarked on a spiritual path to becoming whole again. It took all my strength to sail through the roughest of the tides, but I made it. I became present, connected & living a more conscious aware life free of anxiety. Yoga and meditation were the main contributors throughout my healing.

Later in life, I experienced infertility issues, a couple of miscarriages & an abusive failed marriage. In June 2015, I was given the diagnosis of Stage 3 Colon Cancer. I had surgery to remove a large tumor and then was told I needed to do chemotherapy as it had spread into my lymph nodes. I made the decision to decline chemo and went the route of integrative medicine. Living a holistic lifestyle for many years, I never even took a Tylenol. Intuitively, it didn’t feel right for me and my body to undergo chemo. Doctors thought I was crazy, saying I had a 60% chance of survival WITH chemo, they said I wouldn’t survive without it. Today I stand strong and healthy and happy to say I proved the doctors wrong.I also experienced sexual abuse at the age 10 and again at age 16. I am not all sharing all of this with you for sympathy but only to inspire you to see that we have the power to heal ourselves. That we are not what happened to us. We have the control to change how we perceive what we went through and convert it into something we learn from and utilize it to move forward powerfully. To not live in victimhood. Cancer specifically changed me in ways I could never have imagined. This event has led me to a deeper understanding of what it is to stand in the face of fear & uncertainty. I turned my trauma into purpose, and I feel abundantly grateful for being alive & healthy to be able to guide & support others who are going through their own traumas. I have always had a strong desire to serve humanity in some way with my work and through my own journey, I discovered my purpose is to live the path of devotion and be in service to the Divine by being of service to Humanity. I am honored to walk alongside YOU!