I know first hand how lost and confused you can feel if you’ve been given the cancer diagnosis. The path ahead is filled with fear & uncertainty. I want you to know that you are not alone. Through my journey, I created a program to help you in yours.

My program consists of the following:

  • Understanding cancer, how it manifests and links that contribute to cancer
  • How to handle your illness in a powerful way
  • Gain a real understanding of Medical and integrative treatment & therapy options and side effects
  • Heal the body naturally, set the foundation for repair and reduce the risk of recurrence
  • Learn the role of food, supplementation & integrative medicines & therapies and how it supports the body
  • How stress and your physiological state take part in your illness and how to manage your stress 
  • Learn the power of your mind and how to change your state and perspective 
  • Learn to navigate the shadow & heavy energies
  • Work through fear, trauma, limiting beliefs & negative patterns
  • Learn trauma informed, somatic practices to support you on this journey
  • Gain a deeper connection to yourself, your body, source & your intuition 
  • How to live life after cancer in a more positive way

My guidance is NOT a cookie cutter approach. It is an intuitive, integrated, experiential approach based in Somatic & Embodiment practices

Energy Healing is another option we can add to the program. It can be used as a complementary therapy to help people deal with anxiety and the side-effects of medical treatments such as radiation therapy and chemotherapy. It can give you relief from minor aches, pains and tension headaches. It can calm skin conditions, settle your digestive system and help you cope with issues that have a strong mind-body connection. I can attest to the benefits as I incorporated it to my own healing as well as with many of my clients.

In addition to Energy Healing. I would suggest adding the Infrared Gemstone Mat Therapy. Infrared assists in the destruction of cancer cells which cannot survive when the internal body temperature becomes 107F or higher. I also have a Rife Frequency Machine. Click here to find out more about what this machine does.

Investment depends on the individual’s needs. Please book a complimentary discovery call, you can get to know me and together we can talk about your challenges, goals & needs and see if we align and how I can support you and your journey.

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