Are you sick and tired of the ups and downs, rules and regulations, and deprivation of diets? Do you want to get rid of your cravings, increase your energy, improve your sleep, enjoy delicious food without guilt and feel good about your body?

Ditch dieting and drop the weight while discovering your dream body. You will have the chance to share your health and weight loss goals with me. We can then talk about how I can best support you with your goals.

There is only one cause of excess weight:

Energy intake >energy use = stored energy

This doesn’t mean that overweight people don’t feel genuinely hungry, or eat more than other people. It just means that the equation is out of balance. There are lots of different reasons for that imbalance, such as hormone imbalances, low thyroid function, nutritional deficiencies and underlying health issues. Emotional issues often play a role too, even though they may not be consciously connected with eating patterns. Short-term diets fail because whatever the underlying cause of the energy imbalance may be, it must be addressed if long-term change is to be achieved.

Nutrition Therapy helps address:

  • Diet myths, unhelpful food choices and dietary habits
  •  Blood sugar imbalance (fat storage, hunger and fatigue)
  •  Food intolerances (fatigue, abdominal weight)
  • Nutrient deficiencies (slow metabolism, cravings, low energy)
  • Thyroid problems (slow metabolism, too tired to exercise)
  •  Inactivity (exercise can reduce appetite)
  •  Dehydration (fluid retention, ‘false hunger’)
  •  Yeast overgrowth / parasites (stimulate appetite, upset blood sugar)
  • Hormone imbalance (excess oestrogen and cortisol promote fat storage)
  •  Liver (compromised digestion, release and storage of energy)
  •  Essential fats (metabolism; appetite, hormone balance, depression)