Woman, within each of us there is a wild & natural creature, a powerful force, filled with love & compassion, good instincts and ageless knowing. Her name is Wild Woman. This inner wild woman encourages us to speak & express our truth and truly embrace who we are in world.

With life getting in the way, we become stuck in our life stories and sometimes we lose her, we forget her worth and the power she holds.

Are you ready to Awaken your inner Goddess and begin to live a life in alignment with your divine feminine essence & sovereignty? Harnessing self-love, self-confidence, inner-power, and Inner Divinity. Feeling fully alive and awakened.

My coaching is an integrative, experiential approach certified in Neuro Linguistic Programming & Cognitive Behavioral Therapy however based on the model of “The Three Principles” discovered by Sydney Banks.

Together, we will dive into Daily Sacred Rituals, Embodiment Practices, Ancestral Healing, Womb Healing and ways in nourishing your body, mind & spirit through diet and spiritual & mindful practices based on Ancient Wisdom. Learn to navigate the shadow & heavy energies, work through negative patterns & limiting beliefs, identify, heal & support the inner child, gain a deeper connection to source & your intuition, find your voice, stand in your truth & in your sovereignty and reclaim your power.

Our feminine essence is our home and native place to be. Our Essence is our intrinsic nature…our indispensable quality. It’s why we are here. It’s our life-force, and as women we tend to thrive when we are in tune with our feminine essence.

In this program, if you want long lasting transformation, I suggest a three month commitment. I found that in my own personal as well as professional experience, change doesn’t happen over night. It takes time to adapt to new habits, routines, patterns, rituals & new ways of being.

I am honored that you’re considering working with me to heal your wounds, clear your blocks and manifest your dreams.

Investment depends on the individual’s needs. Please reach out for a free consultation on what your needs are and how I can help.

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I also host women’s healing circles, cacao ceremonies & offer the Munay Ki, Rite of the Womb Transmission. Please contact me to find out of any upcoming events.