Woman, within each of us there is a wild & natural creature, a powerful force, filled with love & compassion, good instincts and ageless knowing. Her name is Wild Woman. This inner wild woman encourages us to speak & express our truth and truly embrace ALL of who we are in world.

With life getting in the way, we become stuck in our life stories, we disconnect from our bodies and sometimes we lose her, we forget her worth and the power she holds.

You might be struggling with anxiety, depression, trauma, guilt, shame, grief or unsure of your purpose.

Maybe you are spiritually awakening & experiencing an array of emotions you don’t understand OR perhaps you have discovered you are an empath and can’t fully comprehend all the feels and how to deal with them. 

Are you ready to come into a deeper awakening, embodied presence, authenticity, aliveness & eros and begin to live a life in alignment with your divine feminine essence & sovereignty? To know yourself more deeply. To listen to your body. Harnessing self-love, self-confidence, inner-power, and Inner Divinity. 

Let me support you to lovingly blow your heart wide open!

My guidance is NOT a cookie cutter approach. It is an intuitive, integrated, experiential approach based in Somatic & Embodiment practices. 

This one on one container is a reconnection to your inner feminine and a deep rooted sense of Remembering. Together…we will dive into Daily Sacred Rituals, Ancestral Healing, Womb Healing, EFT, TFT, NLP, Transformational Breathwork, Energy Healing and ways in nourishing your body, mind & spirit through diet and spiritual & mindful practices based on Ancient Wisdom.

Learn to reconnect to your body and feel the full spectrum of your emotions & sensations and how to process them, to navigate the shadow & heavy energies, to create healthy boundaries, regulate the nervous system, work through fear, trauma, old paradigms, negative patterns & limiting beliefs, identify, heal & support the inner child, gain a deeper connection to source & your intuition, find your voice, stand in your truth & in your sovereignty and reclaim your power.

Our feminine essence is our home and native place to be. Our Essence is our intrinsic nature…our indispensable quality. It’s why we are here. It’s our life-force, and as women we tend to thrive when we are in tune with our feminine essence.

It’s time to sink deeper into your own experience, your own trust and your own body wisdom & rhythm.

Investment depends on the individual’s needs. Please book a complimentary discovery call, you can get to know me and together we can talk about your challenges, goals & needs and see if we align and how I can support you and your journey.

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I also host Women’s Embodiment Circles, Cacao Ceremonies & Sound Journeys. Please contact me to find out about upcoming scheduled events or to book your own personal group experience.