As a Holistic Health Coach, I have studied over 100 major dietary theories–from Macrobiotics, Ayurveda and Intermittent Fasting to Raw Foods. Using what I have studied along with my own personal experiences in my life as well as my clients, I will help you discover foods that are perfect for your unique body, age and lifestyle.


Many people endure health problems everyday without realizing that a small dietary change or supplement course could make all the difference.

Doctors treat symptoms with acid-blockers, antibiotics and painkillers. Nutrition Therapy aims to address the underlying cause of the problem.

Imagine what would happen if the oil gauge warning on your dash-board was on, but instead of just topping up the oil, you covered up the light and kept on driving! So when an aching joint signals that your body is low in essential fats, why try to block the signal with painkillers, instead of just topping up your essential fats?

Nutritional therapists are trained to recognize these warning signs and make dietary or lifestyle recommendations to correct imbalances and optimize health.

If there is a diagnosed condition, nutrition therapy may provide answers and effective treatments that conventional healthcare does not. Patients are often frustrated to find that while research may show exceptional results using innovative or holistic therapies, they are offered only drugs to help them tolerate their condition, rather than additional advice and treatment to actually improve their condition.


  • Through symptomology, discovering any possible health issues and imbalances, discussing ways we could heal them holistically
  • Evaluation of dietary habits to help you reach your goals & heal
  • Supplementation recommendations & Recipes
  • Cooking tips/Shopping tips
  • How Mindful eating can optimize digestion
  • How to eat Intuitively, focusing on your internal cues on hunger, fullness & satiety while at the same time healing your relationship with food

The session could also include…

  • Pantry & Fridge clean outs
  • Learning about labels on packaging


We are all bio-mechanically different, therefore you are not expected to follow any specific label of diet whether that be vegetarian, paleo or raw; together we will work towards figuring out what foods make you feel good and not so good and that varies for all of us.  I am not here to put you on a strict diet, judge you or expect you to be perfect and eat all the right things all the time. Although I am a health enthusiast I too have my cheat treats. My goal is to empower and educate clients so that they too can become familiar with listening to their bodies’ innate wisdom. By doing so, they too can facilitate their own healing by adopting a more holistic lifestyle. Taking the time to learn whole foods preparation and the basics of nutritional science has been the single best investment in my own health. Not to mention, because of this knowledge, I have significantly decreased my impact on the environment and have learned many ways to maintain a healthy home. I also show you ways on how to eat more consciously, with awareness allowing you to digest and process your food better.


It is my hope that you will find a starting point on your road to wellness here. The journey is your own, but I can help point the way.

Feed your body, mind & soul to unleash a healthier, happier you!

Telephone and Video appointments are also available, making it more comfortable for those who have small children or distance is an issue.


First Consultation: $188
Follow-up Consultation : $100

**We can create a custom package together based on what you need, including other services as well**