There’s a big bright spark within you that is longing to shine so much brighter than it is right now. It’s a fiery energy that is screaming “LET ME OUT”! I can help you learn how to hear and see this fire so that you shift from being afraid of it’s brightness, to welcoming it’s full loving force to show up, so that you can live a more soul inspired life. Why wait for things to change? Life is an incredible gift, a magical journey that’s inviting you to believe in the you that you’ve always been. You really are worthy of love. First and foremost it starts with YOU!

Let me support you to lovingly blow your heart wide open and really start living!

Maybe you are spiritually awakening and experiencing an array of emotions you don’t understand. Or perhaps you discovered you are an empath and can’t fully comprehend all the feels and how to deal with it. Sometimes all it takes is a new perspective, someone to be there for you, to support you with no judgment and add to the tools in your box.

My life & Spiritual guidance can help you connect on deeper levels, bringing clarity, insight, & acceptance creating extraordinary shifts, that result in lasting positive change. Learn to navigate the shadow & heavy energies, work through fear, trauma, negative patterns & limiting beliefs, identify, heal & support the inner child, gain a deeper connection to source & your intuition, find your voice, stand in your truth & in your sovereignty and reclaim your power

I am not here to tell you exactly what to do. You hold the key that unlocks all the answers. As a guide, I will serve you as a facilitator, supporting you in your own self-discovery & keep you accountable. I will share what I have learned through my studies, personal & professional experiences and you will find your own way through this guidance.

My guidance is an integrative, experiential approach certified in Neuro Linguistic Programming and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy incorporated with Somatic & Embodiment practices.I have also studied & done self-work through several other programs like Tony Robbins, The Landmark, The Art of Living Foundation, The International Metaphysical University and The Transformation Arts College of Spiritual & Holistic Training and I am remain in constant learning.

Investment depends on the individual’s needs. Please reach out for a free consultation on what your needs are and how I can help.

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